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It's Time For Yourself

by Richard Carlson, Birdwing Spa Owner


Time For YourselfI recently read the best-seller "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle which changed my focus. I now realize how much anxiety we bring forward from the past and are stymied by worries we build into the future. Most of these thoughts never materialize and we are far better off living in the present. This shift in consciousness has allowed me to focus on living in the moment, which has given me a greater awareness of the opportunities we all have.

Whether it's a walk in the woods, observing the magnificence of nature or a heartfelt conversation with an old friend, being "present" adds enlightenment to these experiences. In this high-tech life, this is invaluable to good health. I recently read that children ages 8 to 13 are texting so much they are losing their nonverbal development; 70 - 80% of communication is from that development process which adds to their socializing skills. In this high-tech life, these are experiences that are invaluable to good health.

Our focus at Birdwing has always been to provide a place where a person can have time for themselves, or with a friend, in a peaceful, meaningful environment which nature so beautifully provides.

One memorable guest at Birdwing was Geri Steen; she joined us for over 100 visits throughout the many years. Accomplished, bright and very aware, she took time to enjoy and live in the moment. Another guest, Edie, joined us for her 75th birthday and every year after until she reached 92. The last year we saw Edie, she had just come from a dude ranch in Montana and for "occupation" on her registration form wrote "belly dancer." These ladies were great examples of living life in the moment and to the fullest. The well known Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has coined the term "Health Span": it's not how long you live, but the quality of enjoyment in your life.

We've had many guests who have taken the time for themselves and made remarkable changes. A 23-year-old from Alaska, a Broadway star from New York, Sharon from Texas, Mary and Sharon from Wisconsin, all having joined us for almost 20 consecutive years. Each has started life changing directions, partially because they took the time for that change. We are fortunate to have been a part of their experience.

My wish for you today is that you spend more time in the present and start the journey by taking time for yourself. Please join us and begin that special journey!


“Thank you for the wonderful three day weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed our Mother-Daughter time at Birdwing. The spa cuisine, the massages and facials, the exercise programs and your lovely country setting were all EXCELLENT. We hope to get away for another spa weekend this year!” —Rita & Kelly


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